Sages comme des images 3

(Murten – Switzerland)

Sages comme des images 3 :


For the third edition of the Murten Light Festival, the school adorns its most beautiful attires of light and makes us dive in a new and crazy adventure.

But this year, the schoolteacher “Adrien de Bubenberg” is sick! Left on their own, the pupils start to give free rein to their imagination…

  • Script :
  •   -Fredéric Renno.
  •   -Alexis Gabirot.
  • Sound design :
  •   -David Chollet.
  •   -Fredéric Renno.
  • Video designers :
  •   -Nicolaï Pinhiero
  •   -Benoît Mahey
  •   -Camille Bitaud
  •   -Alexis Gabirot

Created with Spectaculaires.

Broadcast system : ModuloPi.

An event organized by the city of Murten (Switzerland).