Parle m’en!

(Rennes – France)

Parle m'en!


The Palace of the Parliament is alive!

Is it the City's witness? More like the Square's witness... And so its perception of Rennes is a bit mistaken and it tends to confuse reality and its own imagination.

This show was co-written and co-designed with the company Spectaculaires.

  • Script :
  •   -Fredéric Renno.
  •   -Clément Barré.
  •   -Alexis Gabirot.
  • Sound design :
  •   -David Chollet.
  •   -Fredéric Renno.
  • Motion designers :
  •   -Nicolaï Pinhiero
  •   -Benoît Mahey
  •   -Giuseppe Vergeau
  •   -Alexis Gabirot
  • + The team of "Allumeurs d'Images" (Spectaculaires)

Venue : Rennes, France