(Moscow – Russia)

"Inspiration" :


Produced by Julien Pavillard, this festival, that took place in one of the largest parks of Moscow, gathered many French and Russian artists to create a light show with one common inspiration: Nature.

Mageo created 24 videos, projected on transparent screens, blending with the vegetation, and a video-mapping show on a statue representing the spirit of the forest…


  • Video conception:
  •   -Alexis Gabirot.
  •   -Mourka Pavillard
  • Sound Design:
  •   -Gilles Fournier
  • Technical direction :
  •   -Frédéric Hamonou
  • Video designers :
  •   -Camille Bitaud
  •   -Nicolaï Pinhiero
  •   -Alexis Gabirot

Venue: VDNH Ostankino Parc, Moscou, Russie.